Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics and Management, as one of the leader colleges in Chinese business research and education with high educational quality of management leading the other best institutions, and it is the only one that awarded three top international certification (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). Antai success depends on the fine tradition of SJTU, but also benefited from the community sessions , especially the support of Antai alumni support.

Currently, the college alumni around the world have been more than thirty thousand . Actively promoted by the alumni, the College established a criss-cross, three-dimensional structure of the alumni organization , both alumni of the teaching programs, such as the the MBA Alumni Association established on April 8, 1997 , the China CEO Club established on October 2002 19, the EMBA Alumni Association established in October 17, 2003. The college also established more than 10 regional alumni organizations in Ningbo, Nantong , Taiwan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Beijing and other places. additionally, organizations based on infustry or interest have been established, such as 3I club, outdoor club, investment and financing club and so on. In these excellent alumni platform, the majority of alumni and alma mater cohesion emotions, interactive communication , resource sharing, and seek common development .

Program Alumni Organization

Undergraduate Alumni Association

SJTU MBA Alumni Association

SJTU EMBA Alumni Association

SJTU China CEO Club

SJTU MPAcc Alumni Association

SJTU CLGO Alumni Association

Regional Alumni Organization

SJTU ACEM Jiaodong Alumni Association

SJTU ACEM Shenzhen Alumni Association

SJTU ACEM Ningbo Alumni Association

SJTU ACEM Nantong Alumni Association

SJTU EMBA Suzhou Alumni Association

SJTU EMBA Guangdong Alumni Association

SJTU EMBA Guangxi Alumni Association

SJTU EMBA Beijin Alumni Association

Industry Alumni Organization

SJTU Alumni 3I Club

SJTU Alumni 3I Medical and Health Club

Interest-based Alumni Organization

SJTU MBA Alumni Excellent Entrepreneurship Club

SJTU MBA Alumni Excellent Marketing Club

SJTU MBA Alumni Excellent Electricity Supplier Club


SJTU EMBA Outdoor Sports Club

SJTU EMBA Photography Club

SJTU EMBA Football Club

SJTU China CEO Investment & Financing Club

SJTU China CEO Logistics Club

SJTU China CEO Art Appreciation & Investment Club

SJTU China CEO Cultural & Creative Club