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The Nanyang EMBA Programme is designed for experienced professionals who wish to pursue a graduate management degree without interrupting their careers. Success in today’s marketplace requires keen analytical skills, broad cultural sensitivity and clear strategic vision. Effective leaders must meet the ongoing challenges of effective teamwork; mutually respective communication; and creative, yet realistic decision-making.
Through our unique classroom-workplace format, the Nanyang EMBA programme is ideally suited to meet the demands of senior managers and their organisations. In particular, the Nanyang EMBA develops:
·         creative, informed decision analysis;
·         strategic thinking to address complex issues and competitive challenges;
·         leadership and the ability to work effectively in teams;
·         functional knowledge across the business disciplines.
Highlights of this programme are:
·         critical and practical skills in general management and leadership;
·         strategic components across all subjects;
·         analytical capabilities in managerial decision making;
·         solid exposure in economic reasoning;
·         global thinking in gaining competitive advantages; and
·         deep understanding of the impact of e-business in the new economy. 
The curriculum of our EMBA Programme consists of coursework of 16 subjects and a dissertation which can be replaced by two elective courses.
The programme has a total duration of 18 months. There are three in-residence periods. The minimum period of candidature is 18 months and the maximum period of candidature is 32 months.
The coursework consists of 10 compulsory subjects, 6 elective subjects and one dissertation, replaceable by two elective subjects.
Each subject will have 36 hours of class-time and examinations. All subjects except the first core subject are examinable (open book) right after the lectures. The forms of assessment will be on understanding and application of the concepts rather than memorization of facts. A majority of subjects will also have a project component that is due two weeks after the last lecture. The method of instruction is in Chinese.
A weekend module that covers one subject consists of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for class-time and examination.
The admission criteria are based mainly on past work experience and/or academic qualifications. Specific admission requirements are as follows:
(1)    Applicant typically has eight or more years of full-time employment experience, at least four of which include meaningful management responsibility for decisions in policy planning, budgeting, or staffing and operations. 
(2)    Applicant should have a basic bachelor degree recognized by the Ministry of Education in China. For applicants with exceptional professional and business experience and accomplishment, we may waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis.  
(3)    Other requirements are at the discretion of the Nanyang Technological University.
The candidate should submit complete application form which is downloadable from the website: or can request mailing from EMBA office.
Total tuition fee for the programme is SGD68,000. This fee is inclusive of the accommodation and food expenses for three in-residence periods. For the two-week in-residence period at NTU, this fee also covers the additional expenses on the group airfare and professional visits while in Singapore.
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