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2019级IMBA职业发展入学模块课程:Business Acumen

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Purpose of the Course

1)      Help future business leaders to learn the importance of business acumen to become a real strategic and innovative business leader in the future

2)      Help future leaders to understand how to build business acumen

3)      Change behaviors in align with career planning


1.    What’s Business Acumen?

1)      Definition of Business Acumen

2)      Business Trend Analysis (Threat and Opportunity)

3)      Summary of Your Business Acumen for a Specific Business Scenario

2.    Why’s Business Acumen so important for a Business Leader?

1)      Calibrate: Consumer and Industrial lens

2)      Explore: Innovation Opportunity

3)      Create: Strategy and Solution Concepts

4)      Organize: Commercialization

5)      Realize: Stakeholder Values

3.    How to build your Business Acumen?

1)     Methodology of User Experience

a)      Observe

b)      Interview

c)      Immerse

d)      Imagine

e)      Data Technology

2)     Empathize Consumer Insights

a)      User Persona

b)      Value Proposition

3)     Iterate Business Acumen

a)      Exposure

b)      Sensibility package

c)      Diversified networking

d)      The Lifecycle of “5 Elements”

4.    Foresee Future Yourself?  - Homework

1)      Career Lifecycle Planning

2)      Individual Value Proposition



Master:Mr. Dragon Yang

As a continuous entrepreneur, Dragon Yang has both strong product and innovation lifecycle management with MNCs and entrepreneurial experience in the field of Home Appliance, Electronics, and HR Service, with strong track record in digital transformation, organization transformation, and career transformation.

Anna Wang: Professional performing Arts Teacher

University of Leeds , MA, Media Industry

Anna drama Studio founder, drama scriptwriter and director, DIE teacher

Anna concluded her many years of experience in teaching drama and designed solutions in skills of empathy, sensibility, observation, communication and presentation, by immersing into specific scenarios with imagination breakthrough.