Notice of the Spring Semester Registration

1. Semester Registration

Registration Time: 8:30am-11:30am, 13:00pm-16:30pm,  19th February (Sunday).

Location: Room B301, Antai Building, Xuhui campus.

Note: Please take the student card with you.

2. Absence Request

If you cannot register during the required time, please fill in the "Request of absence" form (Attached) , get approved by your supervisor and send it to us before 17th February (Friday). Failure to apply for the semester registration overdue two weeks with no justification will be deemed as a waiver of school.

3. Scholarship Signing

Scholarship students are required to sign within 5 working days (20-24th February)from the registration day, please bring the student card to International Student Centre(ISC), Xuhui Campus: Room 1101, Tao Li Yuan. In particular cases, for those who can NOT sign on time should make a phone call to ISC, Xuhui Campus: 62822600, and make up for signing within concerted period of time.   

4. Internship

For the 2015 MIB students who has not handed in the internship review form and report(Attached) so far, please submit it before the end of March.