2017 MIB Orientation

On Wednesday September 13th 2017, the 2017 MIB cohort held its orientation. The atmosphere on this day trip to SJTU’s Minhang campus was thrilling and offered the new classmates a good opportunity to get to know each other. 


Being management students, there was more to the event than just 'singing and dancing', thus the 2017 MIB students were split into groups with the task to conduct research on assigned Chinese companies, such as Baidu, Wechat, Taobao, Mobike, etc. By interviewing staff and students on Minhang campus, the 2017 MIB students gained a deeper understanding of the companies which they later presented for the whole class during the afternoon session. 


To explore as much of the Minhang campus as possible, we were to take photos and videos of all the sights. Among many different locations, the new MIB students discovered the imposing old, as well as new library buildings, the picturesque Si Yuan Lake, the five canteens and the impressive Guang Ming Stadium. Many students were astonished by the size of Minhang campus. They realised that besides the Antai College of Management and Economics, SJTU conducts research and teaches students in many other subjects - from engineering to media & design and from medicine to aeronautics. 


While this event gave the 2017 MIB cohort greater awareness of those companies, its main purpose was, as the MIB Academic Director, Professor Lin Lu put it, ‘to transform strangers to classmates’. In view of our master’s thesis and general academic progress, Professor Lu further pointed out that it will be crucial to think beyond the Antai College of Economics and Management, therefore making use of all the resources that SJTU offers as a whole. 


At the end of the presentation, two groups won and were offered cute prizes from Youku.com and ele.me. The orientation event was a success as it initiated strong ties within the MIB cohort. Moreover, it was the first step of our exciting two-year journey towards our final destination: Master of Science in Business Administration. Everyone is ready and motivated to continue this great adventure in SJTU, in Shanghai. 2017 MIB - full speed ahead! 


Olivier C. Stamm,  2017 MIB