Welcome Party at Guangxi University of Science and Technology

On the 18th of April 2017, our group had the opportunity to take part in the welcoming party organized by Guangxi University of Science and Technology. This unique experience was a chance to discover more about the Chinese culture and meet interesting students from this prestigious university.


The local students performed various traditional dance, songs and shows to introduce us to their culture, such as Shuixiu, and an incredible dance around bamboo sticks at which we participated. We were also lucky to listen to an African song, sang by a full-time student fromSomaliaand living in Liuzhou.


After these performance, we played games together and took time to chat and network with the local students. Some of the MIB students organized a limbo game at which everybody was invited to participate, and, surprisingly, the tallest guys of the class did the best performance. Besides that, some of the MIB students sung and danced to show some of the Western culture. They sung typical French songs together, and even danced the famous Macarena. 


After all these events, some of our fellow students went for a walk or dinner in the old city center, while some others decided to explore GUST campus, climbing its hills and exploring the caverns.