Radisson Blu Hotel Liuzhou, Guangxi Province

For the first company visit of the study tour the class MIB went to Radisson Blu hotel Liuzhou. Radisson Blu Liuzhou is a part of the world wide Radisson Blu chain owned by Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. It’s a beautiful 5 star hotel with great view over the Liujiang River. We got to listen to 5 people from different apartments, including the General Manager Andrew Musa.  

1.  Maintaining the leadership in the market

Radisson blu Liuzhou was the first international 5-star hotel to be open in Liuzhou in March 2012. Since the opening, more competition has risen as both Wanda Plaza and Ramada  Plaza opened. The GM talked about the two ways to survive: service and brand name. Radisson is always trying hard to provide the best service and its focus is on automotive industry. To maintain the top international 5-star hotel in Liuzhuo, it strives to provide the top guest service. Radisson is experiencing a great advantage in being the only international hotel in Liuzhou as for many Chinese people foreign brands still represents good quality and service.

2. Sales & Marketing Department

Within sales there are some important departments, such as reservations, events, room, and PR. When it comes to occupancy, the biggest share is for corporate, 63.8%.This is because there is a lot of business in Liuzhou such as automotive industry. The customers are usually business people from Shanghai that are visiting Liuzhou to look at big projects, other businesses, etc and 95% of the guests are Chinese.

In the past, most of the marketing was done through newspapers and radio but as we move into the technology era; it is now focusing more on online marketing, especially via WeChat platform.

Radisson Blu is part of Club Carson program, in which club members can use their member services and accumulate or use their membership points in various hotel chains of program.

3. Human Resources

For human resources, there are three main processes; “Catch me”, “grow me” and “keep me”. These focus on recruitment, training and retention. The main values for Radisson Blu are: integrity, empowerment, customer focus, courage, and perseverance. Ramada was offering higher salaries, attracting more people. But the adv of this hotel is the training that they offer.

4.  Finance

Finance department not only deal with accounting, but also purchasing, cost control. The revenue of Radisson Blu Liuzhou comes from corporate sector which is above 30% of the other competitors’ revenue. The weakness of being a 5 stars hotel is the perception of expensive service and high prices and the fact that government business is not allowed.

After the speakers and Q&A session the staff of the hotel showed MIB class around in two separate groups. We were lucky to see the different ballrooms and meeting rooms and getting information about how they arranged weddings and conferences. They showed us the beautiful restaurants and private dining rooms, as well as the spa department, gym and the swimming pool. Great facilities at a great hotel! We also got to see different levels of hotel rooms, like the standard bedroom, the business room and a business studio apartment. At last we saw the bar and restaurant at the top floor, with great view over the Liujiang River.