Study Tour to Ji’nan, Shangdong Province

Study Tour to Ji’nan, Shangdong Province

Group 3:Fre, Sovat, Deleena, Md. Khalid, Sofya, Matshik, Pavina, Shambhavi


Brief Introduction of Jinan City and Shandong University

Jinan is the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China. According to Wikipedia, Jinan is a major national administrative, economic, and transportation hub of Shandong province. Its population was 7,067,900 in 2014 with an urban population of 4,693,700. Shandong University is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in China. We had the opportunity to visit the campus and participate in a seminar.


Scope of Work & Stakeholder Management

Our speaker, Professor Antonio Calabrese was from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. His speech was mainly based on project and stockholder management. The main objectives of project management is uniqueness, temporariness, limited resources, target is scope work. He mentioned how the project should have unique values; temporariness meant the project should have a start and an end to it. Professor also emphasized on the importance of preparing a project charter. He said it was one of the initial steps after choosing the project. A project manager is someone he said who helps in delivering the project. It is his job to create the charter which should include:

- Background

- Key Assumptions

- Business commercial needs

- Scope of work

Scope management is the process required to ensure the project includes all the work required and only the work required. He explained how if the scope changes the budget and time changes too. Hence, the project manager should negotiate.


He further moved on to explain what scope is impacted by. The first he mentioned is:

- Requirement

- Constraints meaning limitations such as time, resources, technology

- Assumptions

- Risks which meant any kind uncertainty in the project or any forecast previously done.

He explained that this can be divided in two main types namely scope creep and gold plating. Scope Creep mainly impacts cost and schedule performance. It is typically initiated by the client.


However, Gold plating is something which is present mostly in IT firms. This can be avoided through certain steps.

- Scope planning: How the scope can be verified, defined, controlled and how to build the work breakdown structure.

- Scope definition: developing a detained project statement

- Creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

The best scoping practices include institutionalizing scope & risk management processes, grouping small changes into one request, incorporating a contingency buffer per scope set and not per work order. He mentioned some of the common stakeholder expectations are being fit for purpose, being aesthetically pleasing and being free from defects.


Apart from that a brief work frame for the analysis of scope was also provided. It included identifying project stakeholder, prioritizing and understanding key stakeholders. Furthermore, he explained the 5 approaches to conflict resolution in projects.

- Avoiding

- Forcing

- Accommodating

- Compromising

- Collaborating