2016 MIB Study Tour to Shandong and Guangxi

Master of International Business(MIB) is an English program special designed for international students. MIB intends to offer students a deep insight into China’s dynamic business environment as well as knowledge about China’s history, culture, law, and policy. Study Tour plays an important role to achieve these targets. This tour usually lasts for about a week, and second-year MIBers will have a chance to visit companies and enjoy lectures outside Shanghai. Antai College’s 2016 MIB cohort are divided into two groups and visit Guilin City, Guangxi Province in southern China and Ji'nan City, Shandong Province in Northern China from April 17th to 24th. In the coming days, we will share their stories during the study tours.

Company Visit: Haier Group 海尔集团

Team 2: Robin, Nicha, Patthida, Kamolthip, Kevin, Eliabeth, Alizain, Sasha 

The time we spent touring Haier Group will never be forgotten. What we saw represents a major Chinese company entering its glory days once again. The future of Haier is bright and the diverse R&D centers around the world will play a leading role into the next century with their anticipated products and innovation. Haier will be a leader of major appliances for years to come.

As a group, we learned it is important to have great leadership following their RenDanHeYi model. One great leader is of greater value than a thousand managers. It is rewarding to cooperate with foreign entities as they can learn from each other and improve. Considering their acquisitions such as with GE appliances, we can tell that Haier is not content on simply conquering the local market. With their three-step-overseas development strategy of “Get in”, “Stay in” and “Take the Lead” , Haier will be able to blend into the foreign markets as if they were a local brand. Regardless of the culture and values, one thing the whole world can agree on is that a company such as Haier will need to attend to its customers in addition to the environment. In that case, Haier is historically committed to two aspects: their consumers and the planet.