2016 MIB Family Day


On Sunday December 18, SJTU Antai College held MIB first family day for current and former students. Alumni from previous classes attended the event, along with Dean Zhou, associate Dean Tang, MIB Director Professor Lu and other MIB team members.


The event was a great success, as students and alumni were able to interact and learn from each others' experiences. Prof Zhou Lin, Dean of Antai College, gave an opening speech and remarked that SJTU works its hardest to attract talented faculty, students, and instructors from all over the world. As members of the ACEM community, we should all strive to become 'ambassadors' and promote SJTU as a leading institute of learning and academic research. As Professor Tang mentioned in her talk, the progress achieved within the last 4 years reflects the dedication of Antai to foster international and global cooperation. For instance, the first MIB class only had a few dozen students. But now, the current class that entered during Fall semester of 2016 has more than 70 students. SJTU MIB students typically come from Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. Some are of Chinese descent. Moreover, it is clear that SJTU is a leading institute in various research fields. During the fall of 2016, SJTU was designated by the Chinese government as an "important center of innovation and entrepreneurship". Based on the great achievements we made, MIB director Professor Lu Lin shows great confidence in MIB program. Antai MIB students feel proud to be a member of the SJTU family.