2016 MIB student interviewed by CCTV about Education cooperation between China and Bangladesh

Education cooperation is a key part of the China-Bangladesh relationship. An increasing number of students from Bangladesh are choosing to study in China.


Khalid Hossain arrived in Shanghai this September to start pursuing his MIB(Master of International Business) in Antai College, Shanghai Jiaotong University.I’m studying at the Antai College of Economics and Management for my two-year master’s program, majoring in international business. I think I’m probably the first Bangladesh student studying at Antai College. I think it is a very good sign, a positive sign for my country. I think as an international university Shanghai Jiao Tong’s campus life is very good. Many international students studying here feel very safe and proud. If I say about my MIB program, which intends to create a community of diverse culture.This year, we all are came from 36 different countries with diversified backgrounds.” said by Khalid Hossain.


Many Bangladeshi students like Khalid Hossain are studying at Shanghai Jiaotong University, in disciplines including business management, bio-technologies, pharmacy, computer science, mechanical engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, as well as life sciences.


Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the country's best. It currently educates 26 students from Bangladesh, 11 of whom are pursuing Masters. All 26 are on scholarships from China's central government, Shanghai's municipal government, or the university itself.


For more detail, please refer to the link below, http://news.cctvnews.cn/news/3d3d414e31456a4e/share.html