Antai International Students Study Tour--Day One

On the early morning, May 31, our group met up at Hongqiao Airport to take the plane to Guangxi province. Everyone was very excited to go on this study trip to discover different parts of China. Also, most of the students will not see each other during the summer holiday so this was a good opportunity to spend more time together.

When we arrived we were welcomed at the Guangxi University of Science and Technology by a group of enthusiastic, local students. All of us really appreciated the time and effort the students made to put together this amazing welcoming party. Together we played traditional games, sang and danced. Most of us really liked to participate in the bamboo dance. The Chinese students also showed us how to do it. Afterwards, the students performed a traditional fan dance, which was very pretty. They even taught our classmates some dance moves. Like this we learned more about Chinese and their local customs. The local students also showed us around their campus. We all thought the campus was beautiful. The day ended with a delicious welcome banquet hosted by the university at the faculty canteen.

Here the students were presented with a beautiful souvenir to wish the students good luck and safety in their lives. They also explained us about the meaning behind this present. By giving this to the person you like, you show them your love and propose to them.