2017 Fall MIB Workshop Series NO.2:Organizational development of domestic Joint Venture

Topic: Organizational development of domestic Joint Venture

Time: 15:50-17:00, Nov. 13 (Mon.), 2017

Venue: Room A511, Antai Building, Xuhui Campus

Lecturer: 尹泽宇(Richard Yin)



To explore the domestic joint venture organizational development practice, including cultural remodeling and organizational reengineering cases, as well as the current business case analysis of the relevant business, and finally summed up the relevant management philosophy.


Guest speaker (Bio):

Mr. Yin Zeyu’s current position is GM of Yanchang and Shell (Sichuan) petroleum Co., Ltd. He joined Shell 15 years ago and worked at management positions of lubricants, operations and retail.

SCJV awarded Annual Customer Favorite Sites Award and Special Quality Contribution Award as it is one of the best performance company in Shell China. All those achievements are impossible without Mr. Yin’s contribution.

Besides achieved those extraordinary achievements, Mr. Yin also focus on developing enterprise culture. He pushes enterprise to achieve company’s vision: To be the leading fuel retail enterprise in the southwest of China. He manages company via building enterprise culture such as “water ripple” core value system and exploring enterprise management model beside performance management. 2017 is a Digitalization & Data year. Goal of “Data Driven” is any business decision has to be made based on data analysis. SCJV broke the record successfully made 20M USD net profit in the 1ST quarter and will make 135M USD EBIT by the end of 2017. SCJV awarded RDS CFO Award for Operational Excellence and was nominated for CEO Award for HSSE.

Mr. Yin likes swimming and reading. He also cares about company’s employees’ health and proposed new working style “Living and working healthy”. He launched Badminton, Ping-pong competition to encourage staffs to do exercises.