2017 Fall MIB Workshop Series NO.1:Work and Life – Insights in China’s social values and company management

Topic: Work and Life – Insights in China’s social values and company management              飞信截图20171101092417.jpg

Time: 15:30-17:00, Nov. 7 (Tues.), 2017

Venue: Room S308, Xin Shang Yuan, Xuhui Campus

Lecturer: Christian Münchow



After working as a German in a Chinese company and living for some years in China, Christian Münchow sums up the work and social differences between Germany and China and provides practical examples how these factors influence over several levels the competitiveness of organizations.


Guest speaker (Bio)

Mr. Christian Münchow is graduate from IMBA program of Jiao Tong University and currently working as Vice President and General Manager in the Chinese private owned company Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology Co. LTD where he is leading up to 70 employees with a focus on Business Development, Brand Development, Sales, Marketing and Quality Management.

Born in 1976 in Singen, Germany, he studied his first degree of computer science and international project engineering at the University of Applied Science in Konstanz, Germany. Although the IT studies are of a very technical nature, he could early earn international project experience in Switzerland, Peru and France in the Banking, Aeronautics and Manufacturing industry.

After working his first years after graduation in international projects for the leading multinational companies Airbus GmbH and for Philips Healthcare, he decided to move for his next career step to Switzerland at Tuchschmid AG, where he was leading teams and business process projects for more than 6 years as Head of IT and Head of Quality.

Christian Münchow has a Master in Information Technology, is certified European Quality System Manager, owns the Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt and graduated the IMBA studies from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with honors in 2016.