Entrance Re-exam for SJTU ACEM Year 2013 Postgraduate Students

Publisher:Teaching Affairs Administration Office  Time:2013-03-26

From March 21 to 23, 2012, nearly 90 outstanding students from universities and colleges across the country attended the entrance re-exam for ACEM Year 2013 Master's Postgraduate Candidates.

This around of re-exam for master's candidates was conducted in competitive competition. Majors cover Master's degree in management science and engineering, business administration, application economics, western economics and finance, etc. whose re-exams include written exam, interview and English listening. The written exam and interview were held at ACEM Fahua Campus and Listening test was taken at SJTU Minhang Campus.

Following the entrance re-exam, ACEM will enroll students in the spirit of openness, justice and fairness based on the actual conditions to ensure high quality rather than quantity through holistic reviews in terms of moral, intelligent and physical conditions.