Economics Seminar for Undergraduates (3)

Publisher:Teaching Affiars Administration    Time:2015-10-23

On the afternoon of October 21, Antai College of Economics & management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University held the 3rd economics seminar for undergraduates. Mr. Zhang Guoxiong did the research report and students participated in it actively.

Mr. Zhang Guoxiong’ s research areas are international economics, monetary economics and practical econometrics. He focuses on international trade and international capital, China's monetary economic model and monetary policy transmission mechanism, etc. Mr. Zhang Guoxiong also explored China's money supply and interest rate by using measurement method and structure model. Students have expressed great interest in the lecture.

Then Mr. Zhang Guoxiong told us the fun of the study of economics through his personal experiences: freedom, the sense of achievement and the charm of the combination of artistic and logic. He told us that the academic research is divided into two steps: to persuade themselves and to persuade others. He also said the most important points of economics study are the unique angle of view, the integrity of the story, the rigorous thinking and good inspiration. These caused the emotional resonance of the students.

Finally Mr. Zhang Guoxiong exchanged some experience in overseas learning and the study for a doctorate with students. He told us although the road of economic academic research not flat, it’s challenging and charming. Students proposed their own problems to Mr. Zhang and they were answered by him one by one. Students all thought his lecture was very significance and valuable.