ACEM Teaching Competition

Teaching Affairs Office    2017-03-17

In order to cultivate a quality and professional faculty team, further enhance the teaching ability and professional standards of our staff, and showcase their outstanding teaching performance, the college will launch its first teaching competition. 

I. The purpose of the competition is to promote the concept of 'Study in SJTU'. It will be divided into Chinese and English categories and be held every two years.

II. Participants must be a college faculty member who has been teaching independently for at least one undergraduate or graduate (including MBA) course in the past three years. 

III. Every department is required to nominate three to four teachers, among whom two or three will participate in the Chinese teaching competition and one or two in English. 

IV. The panel of judges is to be composed of reputed teachers, renowned professors, teaching supervisors and other experts. Alumni and students will also be invited as judges.

V. To participate, teachers should send the application form (see attachment) before Mar 30, 2017 to college Teaching Affairs Office at or MBA Centre at

VI. Participants should also send the following documents: programme design, teaching idea, teaching purpose, teaching subjects, key points analysis, teaching methods and strategies, teaching arrangements, and select 10 lessons which can reflect the core concept of the course, and corresponding PPT slides. 

VII. On the day of the competition, participants will take a draw to decide the order and which lessons to take, and will conduct a 3' post-class self reflection and analysis.

VIII. The competitoin will be held between late May and early June, with other details to be announced in due course.

IX. Programme design accounts for 40 percent in the final score, on-site teaching 50 percent and refelction 10 percent. Evaluation score of the course from previous years will also be viewed during marking.

The Chinese category will have two first prize winners, four second prize winners , six third prize winners and several consolation prize winners. The English category will have one first prize winners, two second prize winners, three third prize winners and several consolation prize winners. Numbers of winners are subjected to change.

Winners will receive a certificate and an amount of prize money. The win will also be a factor for consideration in future promotion, awards and performance apprasial.