2016 Sino-German (CSC-DAAD) Postdoc Scholarship Program Open for Application

Human Resources Office    2016-10-13

Interested parties please send all required documents to before Oct 31 and complete the application procedure following instructions below.

The CSC-DAAD Scholarship Program was jointly launched by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) in 2013 in order to further strengthen Sino-German cooperation in academic research and provide opportunities for young Chinese scholars.

The program encourage Chinese postdoctoral students the opportunity to conduct research projects in a university or a non-university institute in Germany for a period of 7 to 18 months. It is open to interested parties from all disciplines.


1. Qualifications

1.1 Love socialist motherland, politically sound, have no criminal record, and willing to contribute to the construction of the country after returning

1.2 Must be of Chinese nationality, must be an employee of the college, must be in charge of or participating in research projects closely related to overseas study plan

1.3 Must obtain invitation letters from a Swiss University or Institute

1.4 Language skills must meet one of the following requirements:

1.4.1 Depending on discipline and requirements by German supervisors, research projects could be done in either English or Germany.

1.4.2 Applicants must score 6.0 or higher in IELTS, score 80 or higher in TOFEL, obtain a certificate of DSH II or above, or a certificate of TestDaF TDN4 or above.

1.4.3 Applicants who do not meet these requirements must possess a letter of approval from German supervisor which states clearly that the language skills of the candidate meet the requirements of a research stay in Germany.

1.5 One is not eligible to apply if he or she

1.5.1 has received state funding for studying abroad and is within term of validity

1.5.2 has received and subsequently waived the right for state-funded overseas study without permission in the last 5 years

1.5.3 has received and subsequently waived the right for state-funded overseas study with permission in the last 2 years

1.5.4 has received full scholarship overseas

1.5.5 has permanent residency abroad

1.5.6 is currently working abroad

1.5.7 is currently studying abroad

1.5.8 has returned to work in China for less than five years after completing state-funded overseas study, excluding short-term programs

1.5.9  has applied for other state funding programs and is waiting for results

1.6 Post doctoral applicants must be less than 40 years of age (born after Nov 20, 1975), must possess a PhD degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University awarded in the past 2 years (after Oct 20, 2014), must be a teacher or research fellow of the university. The scholarship is tenable for 7-18 months.


2. Application

Applicants please log on to National Information System for State-Funded Overseas Study ( and finish online application from Oct 20 to Nov 10, and email the application form (see attachment 2) to before Nov 10. Electronic version of all required documents must also be emailed to CSC.

In the meantime, applicants must hand in print version of all required documents to DAAD Beijing Office. For details please refer to attachment 1.


3. Selection

Selection will be carried out by CSC and DAAD. Applicants passed the first and second round of selection will sit an interview with experts from both sides in March 2017. The interview will be conducted in English unless otherwise stated. Results will be announced in May 2017.

4. Dispatch and Management

4.1 Successful applicants should depart no earlier than July 2017. Specific departure date depends on the invitation letter. Those who did not dispatch in due course will automatically lose the right for the scholarship. CSC generally does not accept changes in destination countries, universities or institutes, period of study or dates of departure.

4.2 Applicants should prepare all required documentation and finish all necessary procedure before Visa application. For details please log on to the Information System (

4.3 Please carefully read and follow the guidance written by the CSC and posted on the Information System (

4.4 Applicants must abide by the law of destination country, adhere to CSC regulations, and submit research reports to University Human Resources Department and Chinese Embassy every 3 months.

4.5 Applicants must report to University Human Resources Department and submit all required documentation timely after returning.


5. Contact

For enquiries please contact Ye Jinmei at or 021-34206704.