2017-2018 Fulbright Scholar Program Application

Human Resources Office    2016-05-25

Fulbright is a program of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It runs a series of programs for visiting (Non-US) Scholars which support the research and teaching of scholars visiting colleges and universities in the United States.


1, Love the socialist motherland, with good political calibre, no criminal record, and willing to return and serve the development of the motherland after finishing study

2, Must be of Chinese nationality and formal employee of the university, must be outstanding teaching staff or research fellow with considerable potential and excellent academic skills and professional capabilities

3, No overseas study experience in the US in the past four years

4, Research interest in line with one of the supporting subjects, see attachment

5, Must come from an education background that’s related to US studies and posses relative teaching experience

6, Aged between 35 to 50 years old, associate professor or above, with PhD degree or over ten years’ teaching experience, with strong independent research capabilities and fluent English, can conduct research independently in the US

7, The visiting period is 10 months, during which the scholar cannot come back to China barring exceptional conditions. The financial support lasts for 10 months. The period of overseas study must not exceed 12 months.



Applicants should apply via both AND before June 15, 2016. Print copies of application must be sent to B423 New Administrative Building before June 15, 2016. Please send the electronic version of application and a statement of the company (no more than 500 words per applicant) to



1, June 2016, University level evaluation and recommendation

2, August and September 2016, Evaluation by the China Scholarship Council

3, October 2016, Phone interview

4, December 2016, Interview

5, June 2017, Issue admission letters and training

6, July 2017, Program starts



1, Applicants should be able to leave original school for 10 months

2, Applicants should read instructions for scholars studying overseas on China Scholarship Council website

3, Applicants should obey laws and regulations, subject to management by embassies, and submit study and research reports to embassies every three months

4, Applicants must report to university human resources department after returning and submit relevant documentation



Ye Jinmei