Antai Held the First SJTU-UoM DBA Research Conference

Alumni and Public Relations Office    2018-11-09

The first SJTU-UoM DBA Research Conference, organized by Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University and co-organized by the Alliance Business School of the University of Manchester (UoM), was held during November 1st to 2nd, 2018. 9 scholars from UoM attended, including Dr. Matthew Allen, the British DBA academic director, Prof. Xu Dongling, dean of the Department of Management Science, Prof. Yang Jianbo, dean of the Department of System Scientific Decision-Making, Prof. He Hongwei, dean of the Marketing Department, etc., covering all research areas of the business school. The scholars from ACEM included Prof. Chen Fangruo, Prof. Tang Ningyu, Prof. Jiang Wei, Prof. Lu Lin, Prof. Zhu Qinghua, Associate Prof. Jiang Yuan, Associate Prof. Cai Fengyan, Dr. Zhao Xiaoping, etc. Nearly 40 DBA students and applicants participated the conference. Prof. Shi Weilei, director of the Antai DBA program, hosted the conference.

Prof. Chen Fangruo, dean of ACEM, warmly welcomed all the participants on behalf of the college in the welcome speech. He once again advocated vertical thinking in the development of business school, that is, to focus on industry research and to be proficient in industry issues, challenges and development laws, which completely coincided with the original intention of the DBA program. He believed that students chosen the ACEM DBA program will propose more practical research topics in their respective research fields, and will achieve research results with more critical thinking, promoting the development of business school’s industry research. 

During the two-day conference, 9 UoM scholars, 3 Antai scholars, and 3 DBA students introduced their research to all participants, including the application of D-S Evidence Theory and Extended Bayesian Theory in AI decision-making, the institutional basis for organizational change in emerging economies and comparative capitalism, the reverse transfer of knowledge in multinational corporations, the impact of corporate social responsibility on its strategy and behavior, and the business model and application of industrial internet of things in the elevator industry, etc. The speech guests and participants had lively discussions on different research subjects, which benefited greatly on everyone onsite.

Prof. Tang Ningyu, associate dean of ACEM, stressed that not only did the conference build a good communication platform between scholars, teachers and students, but also it more effectively promoted the development of the DBA program in the closing speech. Through continuous expansion in the future, the DBA Research Conference will become an influential series of academic conferences.