Grand Opening of the TWO Sessions of 2018 Antai Global Summer Program

International Cooperation and Exchange Office    2018-07-23

In 2018, two sessions of Antai Global Summer Program were successfully launched in May and July. The Antai Global Summer Program is a featured brand event of Antai College of Economics and Management. And the international influence and reputation of Antai Global Summer Program is expanding year after year. The May session attracted 28 international students from 15 countries including the United States and Canada. They are from a large number of internationally renowned universities such as Oxford University, University of British Columbia, University of Minnesota, and University of Florida. The July session have more diverse nationalities and cultures, with 70 international students from 24 countries including Australia, Canada, the United States, Israel, France, Germany, Russia, etc., and many well-known universities including Oxford University, Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, the University of British Columbia, and Queens University of Canada. International students from all over the world participated in our classroom study and field trips, and exchanged ideas to deepen understanding of contemporary Chinese societ

The Antai Global Summer Program features "Chinese Business Practice" and "Chinese Culture". We hope that students can quickly understand China and Chinese business in many aspects via this program. The project consists of four main contents: China's economic and management courses, Chinese language and culture lectures, high-end corporate visits, Chinese cultural experience activities and city visits. After completing the program, students can obtain three credits from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

This year's program added many new designs. In addition to the interpretation of the Chinese business environment, the curriculum design has focused on some hot topics such as sharing economy, emerging market strategy, and consumer behavior. Students visited companies, such as Ctrip, Santoni, and SAIC Volkswagen, People Squared and so on; and they can gain more fun in cultural activities such as paper-cutting. Such contents were newly added to enable students to understand and taste the unique cultural charm of China. In the field trips, overseas students learned about China's economic and business environment and experienced the economic growth and rapid development of China today. At the same time, students also experienced Chinese history and culture in various courses and activities, and the team cohesion has been continuously improved.

As the first full-English high-end summer program for college admissions, the Antai Global Summer Program is an initiative for the College to further expand multi-channel student exchanges and create an international platform. Through the global summer program, the college will further expand and deepen the cooperation between international colleges and universities, enhance the internationalization process of Antai College, increase the international popularity of Antai College, and provide opportunities for international students in China and other outstanding universities in the world.