Antai College Held 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Alumni and Public Relations Office    2018-07-08

On July 8, 2018, Antai College of Economics and Management, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary, ushered in another grand event -  the graduation ceremony to honor the graduating students of 2018 was held in the Wenzhi Hall of the college.

Professor Yu Mingyang (Party Secretary of the College), Professor Wu Chongfeng (Director of the Professor Committee), Associate Professor Zhang Donghong (Deputy  Party Secretary of the College), Professor Feng Yun (Director of the Master Programme in Finance), Professor Xu Xiaodong (Director of the Master Programme in Accounting/Audit), Professor Lu Lin (Director of the MIB Program), Associate Professor Qian Junhui (Director of the Undergraduate Programme in Economics), excellent teachers represented by Ren Rongming, Shen Huizhang, Fu Yaping, Li Nan, Ni Yang, Fu Renhui, Shi Weilei and Associate Professor Chen Meng (Deputy Secretary of Physical Education), attended the ceremony. Meanwhile, invited by the college, Mr. Lan Bo, a 1984 graduate from the Industrial Engineering Department of the college and Chairman of Yunnan Jianzhijia Health Drug Store Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony as the keynote speaker. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Tang Ningyu, deputy dean of the college.

Professor Yu Mingyang addressed the ceremony and expressed congratulations to and expectations of the Antai graduates of 2018. Firstly, he congratulated them on successfully completing their undergraduate studies by virtue of personal efforts, mutual learning between peers and the teachers' dedicated guidance. He pointed out that as an important stage in life, the undergraduate studies have an significant impact on the development of better conducts.   Secondly, he said that graduates should extend their thanks, first to their parents for their hard work and then to their teachers, for being their academic role models and mentors whose insights on life and extensive knowledge enlightened them, and last but not least, to their peers who gave them the purest friendship they could ever had in their life and assisted, inspired and grew together with them throughout the course of study.  Thirdly, he expressed the expectations that the graduates have a clear career planning to choose a career path that suits their own values and keep a clear understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses to better manage their careers. He also hopes that the graduates manage the time effectively to maximize the value in the valid time span and have good EQ management to work effectively as a team member. In the end, Yu concluded his expectations for the graduates as "being aspirational while down-to-earth".

Mr. Lan Bo, a 1984 graduate from the Industrial Engineering Department of the college, a distinguished alumni and Chairman of Yunnan Jianzhijia Health Drug Store Co., Ltd., addressed the ceremony as the keynote speaker, sending blessings and expressing wishes to the graduates with the world at their fingertips. He shared his own life experience and career development path. Recalling the setbacks in the early stage of his career, he emphasized the importance of a big platform in the early career to the shaping of a disciplined and professional work ethic, as well as the particular significance of continuous learning and down-to-earth attitude. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Mr. Lan Bo highlighted the driving force of responsibility and self-discipline.  He also stressed the sense of crisis for corporate development is generally featured by constant changes and continuous technological innovation. As a team leader, you must constantly motivate yourself and continue to learn to adapt to trends and make the right development decisions. Finally, he responded to the pride of being a socially responsible person who can make contributions to social progress. He hopes that the young graduates remember what the school teaches them and become the backbone of the society.

Associate Professor Li Nan also addressed the ceremony as a teacher representative.  She believes that the economic intuition is the answer to the survival of Management graduates in this big data era where AI is booming. She mentioned that the only certain thing in the world is that the world is uncertain. Then how to make better decisions in a world full of uncertainty?  The answer is to use the knowledge learned to analyze and solve the issues, i.e., the economic intuition, a pair of invisible wings given to the students by the teachers, to allow them to soar freely in this world full of uncertainty. She demanded that the graduates not be too confident nor be too conservative or conventional. She encouraged them to be self-confident to embrace the uncertain world and make accurate and robust decisions with information well collected. Last but not least, she hopes that the graduates can spread the invisible wings given by the teachers and soar high for a bright future in the world of uncertainty and in all walks of life.

After that, five outstanding student representatives from the undergraduate, master and doctoral programmes shared their school life in Antai and expectations for the future.  Xu Lei, a doctoral student in Management Science and Engineering, said that the biggest reward was the change and growth of her mindset that taught her to be "grateful" to appreciate life and a better world. Ji Jianfei, a master of Accounting, said that, in addition to specialized knowledge and practical abilities, the graduate life has brought him the purest friendship he ever had.  ZINEB ROUDANI, a MIB graduate from Morocco, mentioned the subject that impressed her the most, during which the collision of thoughts found to be joyful. She also expressed her gratitude towards her parents, teachers and classmates for their help and encouragement. Luo Zhen, an undergraduate student in finance, expressed his insights into responsibility, which, in his words, is the historical mission to guarantee the prosperity of our society and benefit the mankind, as well as the commitment of a young person to himself, his family, his alma mater, his country, and the society. He also stressed that they should be grateful, listen to their own heart, accept and respect themselves. Yao Ming, an undergraduate of economics and president of CBA, shared his personal experiences. He believes that the young students are not only to fulfill their commitment to their parents but also to themselves.  They should keep a clear life planning, maintain the spirit of craftsmanship and transform their desires for the future and dreams into the strength and motivation to push forward.

The college also held a grand recognition to the students and supervisors who was granted the 2018 Excellent Master's Dissertation Award to encourage the intellectual passions of the students.

During the most exciting part of the ceremony, eight supervisors of degree awarded diploma to 269 undergraduate graduates, 256 post-graduates and 33 doctoral graduates. Professor Tang Ningyu called on the graduates to stay true to their original aspiration and work hard to pursue their dreams with down-to-earth attitude. He also invited the graduates to come back to visit their alma mater.  The ceremony concluded successfully with all the graduates singing "Tell the World My Dream" composed for the 100th anniversary of the college. The journey ahead remains tough, but we are confident that our students will overcome all obstacles and constantly challenge themselves for a better tomorrow.