Graduation Season 2017 : In Their Own Words

Alumni and Public Relations Office    2017-07-04

As we celebrate yet another graduation season this summer, five students share highlights of their journey in Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Ray Xing

16' IMBA 

Key words: Diversity, Practice, Corporate Lab

If Antai College's Global Corporate Lab programme was a real company, my position would be more of a researcher and technical supportive manager. My teammates with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds bring in new ideas and perspectives to the programme with continued passion. There were times when we had to finish multiple tasks within a week. But given the limited conditions and applications, I was convinced that tools such as information technology could really improve our teamwork. There are more than sufficient tools for us to choose from, and it is always a good challenge to find better ways to apply them wisely and appropriately.

Zamir Ahmed Awan

16' Executive Education

Keywords: One Belt One Road

I have made great achievements in this training programme. Not only had I met some old friends but also made many new ones. It's an eye-opening experience to learn from Chinese teachers and share our knowledge with friends from all over the world. We have also discussed potential opportunities and challenges that the 'One Belt One Road' initiative would bring.

Antai College is a great platform for communication, and I truly hope that it will promote more opportunities, not only for exchanging ideas, but also for the possibility of cooperation in the future.

Dana Yu

'17 MBA

Keywords: Social Responsibility

Currently working for one of the world's Top 50 companies as the Asia Pacific HR Talent Development Manager, I devote my spare time to various charity activities.

As a member of Antai MBA Charitable Society, my responsibility is to lead this 8-year-old team and nurture it into a trustworthy public brand for individuals, enterprises and social organisations by continuously expanding our social impact. With more than 500 volunteers and members, our team has been able to contribute to all sorts of charity events, such as donation to support students in rural areas to continue their education. I believe charity is more about sharing happiness and love.

Amr Adly

'16 Executive Education

Keywords: One Belt One Road

My study experience was fantastic. Very friendly environment, highly experienced instructors and great classroom as well as conference centre facilities. It was also an excellent opportunity to get to know colleagues affiliated to international institutions related to the One Belt One Road Initiative.

One of the most important highlights was to know more about the newly established policies for recruiting, evaluating and promoting faculty members. Another important highlight was to learn about options for funding innovative research ideas as well as marketing policies with regards to inventors and institutions rights.

Feng Yuwei

'13 Bachelor

Keywords: Professional, Responsibility, Devotion

College life is wonderful and like a kaleidoscope, but we have to show professionalism both on campus and at work. There'll be no teachers to guide you or correct wrongs, rather, you have to make decisions based on your own knowledge and experience. We need to take advantage of our strengths to learn to improve instead of finding excuses. There are constant whining that interns are cheap labourers to take care of dirty work, or 'too many pointless assignments'. But I firmly believe that no matter how trivial the assignment is, you will always learn something through dedicated hard work.