Developing a Career in China

——International Talent Development and Management Forum

Master of International Business    2017-05-05

On May 4th, the 'International Talent Development & Management' forum was held in Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We invited representatives from 25 different companies, who are also employers or potential employers for graduates from the Master of International Business (MIB) programme, to discuss how to develop capable international talents and build career successes in China.

The forum started with a speech from Dean Zhou Lin. He warmly welcomed all the guests and talked about the internationalisation process of ACEM, starting from inviting faculty from overseas to development of a specialised postgraduate programmes attracting outstanding international students to ACEM from all over the world. Moreover, he expressed his expectation for close and innovative collaboration between ACEM and the industry to train high-quality international talents for international business. 

Then Professor Lu Lin, Director of MIB, introduced the programme, from the diversity of the students, the specially designed curriculum, to various activities which impressed the guests. 

China has recently issued new employment policies for foreign nationals, including those graduated from Chinese universities. In this forum, we invited a guest speaker Miss Lisa Liu to introduce the visa and residence permit policies. The guests understood that the national policy is opening up to non-natives and it is easier for them to work and live in China. Additional policy changes are expected within the next couple of years. And currently, Shanghai has one of the most flexible visa and residence permit policy schemes. 

The second session is a panel discussion hosted by Professor Tang Ningyu, Associated Dean of ACEM. Three guests were invited to join the panel, representing foreign-owned companies, private companies and state-owned enterprises in China respectively. They held a discussion on the challenges of international personnel management, the employers’ expectations for international talents, as well as how to collaborate efficiently with the university to recruit and develop international talents for future business growth in China. The guests responded actively to the discussion.

The forum finished with a close speech from Dr. Zhang Donghong, Deputy Party Secretary of ACEM, who expressed confidence and expectation for future collaboration between ACEM and the industry.