China Journal of Accounting Studies Seminar 2017

Department of Accounting    2017-05-23

The first seminar of China Journal of Accounting Studies (CJAS) 2017 was held at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University on May 19. Titled 'Localisation of Accounting Studies', the seminar welcomed over 90 scholars nationwide and saw 18 papers being presented and discussed.

Professor Li Feng from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance addressed the audience with a speech on applying big data mining and analytics in empirical studies of accounting. Beginning with the origin of modern empirical accounting research, Professor Li drew the core conclusion that the essence of accounting is information, and stressed the importance of disclosure in contemporary world where everyone is embracing big data and artificial intelligence.

Professor Lin Chen, Chair of Finance from University of Hong Kong meanwhile, spoke about the global status of China's accounting research, how many papers on China's accounting studies are being published in journals and being presented in conferences, what are their research subjects, variables, methods and classification, and illustrated his findings using with visualisation. He also provided introductions of popular research approaches today and the future outlook of the field.

In all 18 papers were accepted by the seminar, which inspired in-depth discussions and exchanges.

China Journal of Accounting Studies (CJAS) is the official international research journal of the Accounting Society of China. It aims to serve as a forum for knowledge exchange between and among Chinese and international academics, research students, policy makers and others interested in accounting and finance research and developments in China and elsewhere.

The journal adheres to a principle of openness and inclusiveness and embraces any established or innovative theoretical paradigm based on economics, sociology, psychology and other related sciences or social sciences.

It welcomes contributions across a wide range of research methodologies (e.g. analytical, archival, experimental, survey and qualitative case methods) and topics (e.g. financial accounting, management accounting, finance and financial management, auditing, corporate governance, public sector accounting, social and environmental accounting, accounting education, accounting history and accounting information systems).

Studies that focus on Chinese as well as non-Chinese accounting and finance theories, methods and issues are equally acceptable. Submitted manuscripts will be evaluated on their originality, rigor, relevance and quality of exposition.