SJTU-USC Global EMBA Program           

This English-language program was launched in collaboration with the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, in January of 2004. The program features USC Marshall’s world-class MBA curriculum and faculty. Our faculty offer local perspective as well as interaction with domestic enterprises. The program confers the USC Marshall MBA degree to its graduates, as well as a certificate of completion from the Antai College of Economics & Management, SJTU.

SJTU-UBC International MBA Program           

Built on more than 20 years’ cooperative history, we launched this English International MBA Program in 2002 with the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Canada. All courses in the program are taught by professors from the Sauder School, in English. Qualified graduates are awarded a master degree of International Business Administration, as well as a certificate of completion from the Antai College of Economics & Management, SJTU.

SJTU-NTU EMBA Program           
In 2002, through a cooperation agreement between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and based on our MBA program provisions on the NTU campus, Nanyang Business School launched their EMBA program on our campus. The program is delivered by NTU faculty and our faculty, in Chinese. Qualified graduates are awarded an MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University, as well as a certificate of completion from the Antai College of Economics & Management, SJTU.
SJTU– Euromed AEMBA Program           
This program was launched through the cooperation of SJTU and Euromed Management, France. The programs consist of two subdivisions: MBA and EMBA. The MBA program was launched in 2003, while the EMBA program was launched in 2009. The EMBA program culminates in a dual-EMBA degree. Faculty members come from Euromed Management and Antai College. The MBA program confers a Euromed MBA degree and an Antai Certificate of Completion to its graduates. The EMBA program either confers a Euromed or SJTU EMBA degree or a dual EMBA degree to qualified graduates meeting Euromed or SJTU’s academic standards.
SJTU-UoM Joint DBA Program           

With the business environment in China and the globe undergoing profound and complicated changes, a unique group of executive decision-makers are pursuing further study and higher degrees. The SJTU-UoM DBA Program, an innovative and rigorous program, not only meets students’ desire for a doctoral degree, but also integrates academic strength at home and abroad in order to develop top entrepreneurs and executives in China--thinking globally and combining application, management and research excellence.

The program is research-oriented and allows students to tackle current and critical business issues and challenges with an in-depth and analytical perspective.