Sweet Moment at Chinese Sugar Painting Class

——2019 ACEM International Students Activities Series

Publisher:International Cooperation and Exchange Office    Time:2019-03-14

March 9, 2019, a group of internationa students participated in the Sugar Painting Class as an episode of the China Class of the International Students Activities Series under the organization of the International Office of ACEM.

Students were guided to stew the sugar, then drizzled it from a ladle onto a flat surface. The outline was produced with a relatively thick stream of sugar. Then, supporting strands of thinner sugar were placed to attach to the outline, and fill in the body of the figure. Finally, a thin wooden stick was attached with more sugar to hold the figure. While still warm and pliable, the figure was removed from the surface and then there came out the butterfly/rabbit/fish/flower/...lively and sweet!

The China Class serves as thriving community for international students at ACEM to learn the wide spectrum of Chinese culture, as well as to make new friends.