Faculty & Research


Huang Shaoqing

Department of:  Applied Economics

Phone:  +86 (0)21 52301578

Email:  sqhuang@sjtu.edu.cn




Ph.D. in Economics, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science, July 2005
Dissertation Title: Contract Enforcement in Economic Transition
Advisor: Jinglian Wu
MA in Economics, School of Economics, Peking University, July 1997
BA in Law, Department of Politics, Nankai University, July 1994


Associate Professor, 2010- Present
    Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Research Fellow, 2005-2010   
Chinese Private Enterprises Center, China Europe International Business School
Instructor in Economics (part-time), 2004-2005
    School of International Relations, Peking University

Professional Membership

Shanghai Economic Society, Member (2010- ); Member of the Council (2012- )


Research Fields

Comparative Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Economics, Development Economics, Political Economics

Grants and Fellowships

1. Accounting the Urbanization Bonus in China: Source and Allocation (1980-2010), Grant of Academy of China Development Bank, Principal Investigator, 2013.
2. The Dynamics of Modern Industrial Structure: the Effect of Technological Innovation;, Scholarship of the China Scholarship Council to Pursue Research in the U.S.A., 2013-2014.
3. How Assess the Risk of Development Finance Based on Regional Characteristics;, Grant of Academy of China Development Bank, Principal Investigator, 2012.
4. Research on The Scientific & Technological Innovation in Chinese Cultural Sector Based on the Industry-technology-Value Chains, Major Grant of the National Foundation of Social Science (China), Principal Investigator of Sub-project, 2012.
5. Infrastructure Investment in China: Fund, Efficiency, and Local Fiscal Risk, Grant of Shanghai Institute of Finance & Law, Principal Investigator, 2012.
6. The Dynamics of Modern Industrial System: Theory and Policy, Key Grant of the National Foundation of Social Science (China), Co-investigator, 2011.
7. Promoting the Development of Social Organizations through Building the Legal System in Shanghai”, Grant of Standing Committee of the Shanghai Peoples Congress, Principal Investigator, 2011.
8. The Governance Mechanisms of R&D Consortia of Generic Technology Considering the Characteristics of Industries”, Grant of the National Foundation of Social Science (China), Principal Investigator, 2011.
9. Post-Crisis Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in China, The Young China Scholars Program (IDRC/CIGI), Canada, Principal Investigator, 2010.
10. The Strategy of Developing the Financial back-office Service in Fengxian District, Shanghai City;, Special Grant of the Committee of Development & Reform, Fengxian District, Shanghai City, Principal Investigator, 2010.
1. Contract Enforcement in Economic Transition, Shanghai: Shanghai Far East Publishers, in Chinese, 2012.
2. Wuxi Experience: A Case Study of Transforming China’s Development Pattern, Shanghai: Shanghai Far East Publishers, in Chinese, 2010 (co-author).
3. Supply-Chain Finance: New Finance in New Economy, Shanghai: Shanghai Far East Publishers, in Chinese, 2008 (co-author).
4. Research on the International Enterprise System Innovation, Beijing: Peking University Press, in Chinese, 2007 (co-author).

Journal Articles
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