Solving the Puzzle of Creativity and Realising Ambidextrous Innovation

Institute of Chinese Enterprise Development    2017-05-28

Innovation consists of two main characters, novelty and practicality. However these two do not always see eye to eye, and can sometimes can even contradict each other. Corporate R&D, as its name suggests, also involves two aspects, research and development, with the former focusing more on novelty and the latter more on practicality. 

During this forum, ACEM professors will explain the relationship between novelty and practicality in corporate innovation from a variety of perspectives including psychology, organisational behaviour and strategic management, and discuss managerial means and tools in balancing the two arms of innovation so as to maximising profits and achieving highest performance.

Time: Jun 2, 2017, Friday, 14:00-16:30

Venue: 317 Zhongyuan Building

Speaker: Lu Lin, Professor from Department of Organisation Management, ACEM

Roundtable Participants: Professor Yu Mingyang and Zhang Xin'an from ACEM

Welcome to attend!