How to Live With Robots?

——A Human Problem

Institute of Chinese Enterprises Development    2017-03-08

The moral, legal and social challenges brought by the rise of robot machines are becoming increasingly pressing in the human world. And it is better for us humans to make positive changes and adjustments than just sitting there waiting for problems to pile up.

In one of the most closely-watched robotic areas, the robot cars, great leaps have been made in recent years. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has said recently that driverless cars will be ready in five or six years, and will be ten times safer than your average human-steered ones.

The era of robot vehicels and robot airplanes seems to be just around the corner. And the conveience and efficiency of a highly-automated society has never looked so attractive.

But are we prepared? We have to think for example, if a self-driving car were to be involved in a crash with a human-drived one, or if a robot nurse accidently knocked down a patient, how should we make judgements legally and morally?

From the magical world of Doraemon, to the post-apocalyptic future portraited by Robocop and A.I. Artificial Intelligence, people are constantly imagining the robotic future. Will we become too dependent on robots? How should we interact with them? How to let laws and regulations keep up with scientific advancement?

Humans have never stopped pursuing new technologies, and as such, fantasies and concerns of the future will always follow.

On Wednesday Mar 15, 2017, 14:00-16:00, Professor Shi Zhanzhong from the Department of Applied Economics, ACEM, will share his vision of the future world with fellow colleagues Professor Yu Mingyang, Chen Jixiang and Luo Shougui in Room 317, Zhongyuan Building. Welcome to attend!