The Future of Economic Globalisation and the Chaning Role of China


The Future of Economic Globalisation and the Changing Role of China

Time: Mar 18, 2017, 09:00-17:00

Venue: 317 Zhongyuan Building


08:30-09:00         Registration

09:00-09:10         Opening remarks by Zhou Lin, Dean of ACEM

09:10-11:00         Subject A: Global Economic Trend and Regional Structural Change

                            Host: Tao Jingzhou, member of International Court of Arbitration, World Council of the International                             Chamber of Commerce

  • Speech A1: Understanding National Intelligence Council's Global Trends 2017 by Pan Yingli, Professor of ACEM, Director of Research Center for Modern Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Speech A2: Causes of American Retreat, Europe Divide and Asian Resistance and Similarities and Differences between Regional Disputes by Shen Dingli, Professor and Executive Dean of Institute of International Studies, Fudan University

  • Speech A3: Allocating the Costs and Profits of Globalisation by Zhang Youwen, Director of Shanghai Society of World Economics, former President of Institute of World Economics, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

  • Speech A4: Impacts of Improved US-Russian Relationship on Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation and Negotiating Spaces between China and Russia on 'One Belt One Road' (OBOR) Policies by Feng Shaolei, Dean of School of Adcanced International and Area Studies and Director of Centre for Russian Studies, East China Normal University

  • Speech A5: What's Changing and What's Not in the Political Environment Behind Asia-Pacific Regional Trade by Zha Daojiong, Professor of School of International Studies, Peking University

  • Speech A6: Post-TTP Development of Japan's Policies on Free Trade Zones by Cai Liang, Senior Fellow, Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies, Shanghai Institutes For International Studies

  • Q&A (20')

11:10-12:30       Subject B: Issues of the US Economy

                          Host: Feng Shaolei

  • Speech B1: Rebuilding US Manufacturing: Present Situation, Issues and Future Prospects by Yuan Yi, Chief Economist of Fullgoal Fund

  • Speech B2: Predicting Long-term Growth in the US: A Productivity Increase Perspective by Wang Honglin, Senior Economist of Norges Bank

  • Speech B3: Trends and Possible Impacts of Budgets and Government Debts During Trump Presidency by Wang Daili, Economist of Guard Capital Management

  • Speech B4: Dollars' Rules of Change and Dominating Forces Behind After Breaking with Gold by Liu Haiying, Senior Researcher of Shanghai Development Research Foundation and Chief Economist of Suntime Wealth

  • Q&A (20')


13:30–15:00       Subject C: Sino-US Trade War: Possible States, Influences and Solutions

                           Host: Zha Daojiong

  • Speech C1: Sino-US Trade War: What will it Be Like? How will it Affect China's Imports, Exports and Bilateral Investment? What Strategies Could Government and Companies Adopt? By Dong Yan, Associate Research Fellow, Director of International Trade Division, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • Speech C2: Globalisation and Global Governance: From the Perspectives of Global Value Chain and the Added-Value of Trade by Zhang Monan, Research Fellow, China Centre for International Economic Exchanges

  • Speech C3: Sustainability of Globalisation Flag Carriers by Mei Xinyu, Senior Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, China PRC

  • Speech C4: How to Understand Balanced Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Manipulation? By Ding Jianping, Professor from School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

  • Speech C5: The Future of RMB Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Regime Change by Wu Xinru, Professor from School of Statistics, East China Normal University and Pan Yingli, Professor from Department of Finance, ACEM

  • Q&A (20')

15:15-16:45       Subject D: China's Changing Roles

                          Host: Lu Ming, Professor from Department of Economics, ACEM

  • Speech D1: Overseas Investment of Chinese Businesses: Trends and Models by Wang Huiyao, President of the Centre for China and Globalisation and Director of Institute of Development Studies, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

  • Speech D2: Issues and Solutions For Chinese Businesses During Overseas Acquisitions by Tao Jingzhou

  • Speech D3: Chinese Investment in Africa: Present Situations, Issues and Future Prospects by Cao Honghui, Deputy Director, Centre for Financial Research and Development, China Development Bank

  • Speech D4: How to Coordinate OBOR, Asia Regional Development and Third-Party Use of RMB? By Xu Qiyuan, Senior Research Fellow, Economic Development Division, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • Speech D5: How to Promote an Economic Transition Driven by Domestic Consumption in order to Deal with Adverse Changes in Global Markets by Lu Ming

  • Q&A (20')


The seminar is open to current ACEM PhD students and faculty only.